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  Elite Traction Table

The ELITE Traction has been designed to offer greater rigidity than the existing standard range of treatment tables. Even at its maximum height the table offers a rigid platform for both the client and therapist. Nylon bearings allow for quiet, maintenance free operation ensuring long lasting durability for the table.

Quality Actuators and Gas Struts make adjusting the position of the table easy and accurate and the construction allows for a wide range of operating heights. Retractable castors and nylon wheels allow for easy movement of the table within the clinic. The four piece top offers two friction free lockable sections as well as a lift up back section with a removable extension bar allowing for seated cervical traction. The design of this table allows for complete freedom in all traction set ups.

OPTION: Surround Elevating Bar: The ELITE series of tables also have available an optional surround elevating bar. This wrap around bar allows the practitioner to operate the height adjustment of the table from any position around the table. There is no longer a need to slide the footswitch from one