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Acupuncture Needles

  Wandrey Acupuncture needles

Wandrey Acupuncture Needles



As one of the first European manufacturers of disposible acupuncture needles with high value medical technology, Wandrey sells his acupuncture needles since the year 2002. Wandrey is offering his acupuncture needles to customers all over the world.

Wandrey emphasizes the combination of Chinese tradition and the respectively newest quality European standards at their production site (e.g. DIN EN ISO 13485:2003).

  • Wandrey is using only the best raw materials
  • clean room production
  • computer and employee based quality assurance
  • high skill standard of the empoyees and permanent training to keep these high standards
  • excellent logistic - get wandrey needles reliable and fast

Wandrey started with the Mission to have highest quality level in everything we do - design, production, distribution.
Wandrey is keeping this standard without compromises.
For a reliable good feeling for the physicians, practitioners and patients.

Available Dimensions:

Acupuncture Needle, silver handle, 100/box, 0,30x50mm, Tube

Acupuncture Needle, silver handle, 100/box, 0,20x15mm