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  S.O.M.I Sternal Occipital Mandibular Immobilizatio

Ref: E45  
Cervical orthosis completely adjustable which provides flexion, neutral or hyperextension positioning and immobilisation. Mandibular and occipital supports are totally adjustable to provide prescribed positioning. Trapezius bars smoothly distribute support over the trapezius area. Aluminium easy shaped to comfortably fit individual patient contours. Mandible support is easily removed by patient for eating, showing, etc. Headband attachment easily snaps onto the occipital support for added security when the chin support is removed.
Indications; Cervialgias and cervicobrachialgia of compressive origin. Cervical traumatisms.
Measurement: Patient height.
Available at sizes; S up to 144 cm
L over 144 cm